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Learn About the caterpillar Api’s we work with

RK Rivera works with several Caterpillar APIs such as Aftermarket Prioritized Service Events Unite, Basic Daily, Condition Monitoring, and Customer Value Agreements(CVAs) to allow for greater connection, communication & functionallity

Aftermarket Prioritized Service Events Unite

Cat Digital is introducing the 3rd version of the Prioritized Service Event (PSE) API. Prioritized Service Events, or PSEs, are highly qualified events that improve marketing and sales lead quality through data-driven insights. With these insights, Cat can help simplify decisions and drive business growth for dealers. To help dealers more effectively and efficiently leverage these opportunities, Cat Digital created PSE Unite. This API enables real-time feedback and collaboration on all dealer opportunities, not just PSEs while limiting the need for manual processes, ultimately saving dealers valuable time. 

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Basic Daily

Basic Daily APIs consist of three different APIs; Diagnostic, Fuel, and SMULOC (Hours and Location) which offers Caterpillar dealers basic telemetry asset tracking and service planning data. These APIs provide bulk asset data which can be consumed by dealer systems e.g. ERP, SAP, etc. Dealers can use the asset data from Basic Daily APIs to minimize asset downtime by scheduling on-time service while improving aftermarket parts and service opportunities. The API response will provide the most recent data reported for the assets in the last 24 months. 

Customer value Agreements

CVAs emphasize the expanded value for customers and add new, meaningful customer touchpoints across an asset’s entire lifetime, CVAs help provide a consistent customer experience and concentrate on value promises, like hassle-free ownership, hassle-free maintenance, confidence in expert repairs, and proactive care.

Condition Monitoring

The API allows end-user to retrieve a summarized count of exceptions and events for the asset(s) included in the site(s) or group(s). This will allow the user to determine which assets need attention.

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